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Common Mistakes Every Inexperienced Traveler Makes

Common Mistakes Every Inexperienced Traveler Makes

Today, independent journeys are becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of articles about people, who traveled around the world with the backpack only. If you are inspired by such examples, and also think to go for a trip, then read this article first, which may save you from the troubles.

1. Too many stuff
When you are planning a long-time independent journey for the first time, you want to take as many things as possible. But, as the experience shows, the more people travel – the fewer things they carry behind the back. Experts say that at least 6 things that inexperienced tourist puts in luggage are not used at all. Thus, remember the simple rule: one piece of closing for two days will be more than enough. The ability to pack for a trip will come with experience, but it is better to start taking minimum things from the beginning.

2. Strict route planning
Most often the beginning travelers start their journey with planning and usually it leads to the very strict route. In this way, inexperienced travelers want to save themselves from surprise situations and stress by planning the entire route, calculating all the changes and stops, and booking all the tickets in advance. In the real life, any unforeseen circumstance can arise in the most unexpected moment and your plan will be destroyed. Therefore, of course, it is necessary to plan a trip, but leave some space in your schedule for flight delays or other surprise situations.

3. Quick inspection
All travelers, the beginners and professionals, want to see and visit as many places as possible. Sometimes it leads to a very quick inspection of the city. Beginning travelers can make a huge mistake by trying to get to all sights to make a few obligatory pictures. In this case, they are missing many other interesting things. Experienced travelers are more relaxed. They are trying to “taste” the local culture by walking on the streets and communicating with locals. It is hard to do the same when you are running from one point to another.

4. Roaming
Modern man cannot do without mobile communication. This also includes communication with friends and family when you are abroad. However, the wrong roaming rate can make you a bankrupt just in a few days. The advice is simple: choose the rate carefully before the journey. Travelers that are staying in one country for one week or longer should think about buying a SIM-card of a local mobile communication company. It may offer much more attractive rates for the Internet and calls to other countries.

5. Booking hotels in the city center
Wherever you go, the housing prices in the center of the city are much higher than in the suburbs or in the country. Many beginning tourists try to find hotels right in the center or near the most popular sights. Of course, the price will be high and the quality may not correspond. Think of hotel or apartments a little bit further. You can find some additional interesting sights and places around the non-tourist areas on your way. But try to avoid unsafe districts. Usually, you can find the information about such places on the tourist forums.

6. Restaurant food
The vast majority of inexperienced travelers, especially being in the third world countries, refuse to indulge local street food. But often, these fears are groundless. Remember that the locals value their health as much as you are. Moreover, restaurant food may be quite expensive, like in Scandinavian countries.

7. Taking too many photos
Virtually every tourist has this “disease”. Travelers make hundreds and thousands of photos of the main attractions and sights. Firstly, there are plenty photos of these attractions on the Internet made by professional photographers. Secondly, almost no one is reviewing its 1500 vacation photos. Try to find some unique foreshortening by enjoying a walk.

These are only the typical mistakes made by inexperienced travelers. If you are planning your first independent journey, take advantage of the suggestions and do not hesitate to contact some experience travelers for an advice.

Tips to spend less in Berlin

Tips to spend less in Berlin

Do you know that in Berlin you can relax and have a good time almost for free? Yes, this is true, and we will share with you some useful tips in this regard. Berlin is a very comfortable city when it comes to budget travel. It offers a huge range of cheap or even free places to have a meal, sleep, and to have fun.

Berlin Welcome Card
The first tip is about transportation and how to save on it. Travelers that are staying in Berlin for at least a couple days should think of buying the Berlin Welcome Card. It is a proven way to save significant not only for travel on public transport, but also to visit attractions and cultural sites. In addition, you get a free guide – well, what else is needed?

Free Museums
Berlin is a paradise for lovers of intellectual rest: there are all kinds of museums and galleries to satisfy any request. Not everyone knows that some of the museums have free entrance. Those, who are interested in military-historical themes, in particular, the period of the Second World War can go to Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, which is located at Zwieseler Street, 4. The contemporary art of different directions and styles is represented in Daimler Contemporary Gallery located at Alte Potsdamer Street, 5. Also, every Thursday between 6:00 P.M and 9:00 P.M. you can visit the European Art Museum, the Egyptian Museum, and the Temple of glass and light for free. Moreover, if you are staying in Berlin on the first Sunday of each month, the entrance to all public museums is free of charge.

Go to a concert
On Tuesdays, Berlin Philharmonic gives free concerts for all music lovers. Both young and experienced artists are performing. The concert begins at 1:00 P.M., but it is better to come 30-40 minutes earlier, otherwise there will be no free seats. it will take seats.

View the city from above
There are two observation decks in Berlin that are free of charge: Panoramapunkt, which is located at the very top of the tower Kollhoff’s at Potsdamer Platz; and the monument on the top of the Kreuzberg hill in Victoria Park. From the first place, travelers can clearly see the old and new city, and also on the site, there is a cafe and different exhibitions. The second observation deck is very popular among locals because of the beautiful views, especially at sunset.

Climb to the Reichstag
No, there is no need to take the climbing equipment. Tourists should simply register on the website of the Bundestag and show the ID at the entrance. It is better to register a couple of months before the intended trip, but the minimum period is one week. Here you can see the interior from above and also amazing view of the city.

Get a free tour
Local guides will help you to have a closer look at the German capital. Tourists can find the information about free excursions on many local sites. The only thing that is required is to choose the convenient date and show on time.

Free overnight stay and meals
If for some reason you have no place to stay overnight in Berlin – it is not a problem. In the city, there are several places where tourists can spend the night for free and even a snack. One of such places is Berliner Stadtmission, which is located near the Hauptbahnhof train station in the city.

Well, what trips will do without sightseeing? In the capital of Germany, there are not so many sights, but some of them appear to be not free of charge. So, at the end, we would like to mention some sites that tourist can see for free, particularly, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, East Side Gallery Unter den Linden, and Big Tiergarten Park.

10 Places Worth Visiting in Hong Kong

10 Places Worth Visiting in Hong Kong

Oriental flavor and modern trends, traditions and innovations – that’s all about Hong Kong. And this article is about the best sights to see in this city.

1. Big Buddha
Be sure to include it on your must-see list, when you’re in Hong Kong, because the Big Buddha – is not only one of the most popular of its attractions but also the world’s largest bronze statue of a sitting Buddha. In order to reach it, you will have to work hard – Buddha seats on Lantau Island, at the very top of the mountain. 268 steps lead to the statue. Climb up and you will not only feel the atmosphere of harmony and peace radiated by the Buddha but also admire the unforgettable views.

2. Po Lin Monastery
The picturesque Po Lin Monastery is located near the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping plateau. You can visit this place to see the magnificent Heavenly King Hall and the Hall of Great Hero, to taste traditional vegetarian dishes offered by the monastery, and enjoy a magnificent view of the island, which reveals from the plateau.

3. The Hong Kong Museum of History
This is the place, where you can get acquainted with the full history of Hong Kong from prehistoric times to the present days. Colorful dioramas, an exhibition of tools and utensils, ceramics room, life and entertainment of the ancient Chinese – these are just a small part of what the museum can offer you. Ticket costs 10 Hong Kong dollars. On Wednesdays, the entrance is free to all visitors, except temporary exhibitions.

4. Museum of tea utensil
In the Museum of tea utensil, you can not only learn about the history of tea culture in China and the intricacies of the tea ceremony but also take part in one of them. You will be offered to taste the tea, prepared according to the traditions, and, of course, see a rare tea bowl. Entrance to the museum is free, but the tea ceremony ticket costs HK $80.

5. Show “Symphony of Lights”
At night, Hong Kong is not less beautiful than with the light of the sun. A traveler can experience the full beauty of this metropolis by visiting its main entertainment – the light show “Symphony of Lights”. It is an unforgettable extravaganza of colors, lights, music and fireworks that brighten skyscrapers against the night sky in the most unimaginable patterns.

6. Wong Tai Sin Temple
Be sure to visit the most famous temple in Hong Kong. Wong Tai Sin is attractive for its architecture and interior decoration and the opportunity to take part in the temple ritual.

7. Hong Kong 3D Museum
The Museum of illusions is a place to relax and get a lot of positive emotions. It has more than 70 3D paintings and sculptures in the exposition. Here you can become a part of the world’s beautiful masterpiece and plunge into the world of fairy tales.

8. Victoria Peak
One of the most popular holiday destinations of the city guests is Victoria Peak. It is not only the highest point of the island but also a good observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the harbor with skyscrapers surrounded by emerald green hills.

9. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
The main “feature” of the monastery is 13 000 Buddha statues and none of them are alike! The statues are placed along the stairs leading to the monastery, so that while you overcome all 400 steps, you will have time to look at all of them in details.

10. Park Mawani
Park Mawani (Ma Wan Park) is known primarily by the fact that there is the only full-scale Noah’s Ark in the world. In fact, the Ark is a museum with an exhibition dedicated to the famous biblical stories. In the park, you can see the shapes of animals selected by Noah and a beautiful sea view.

Enjoy your trip!

Tips to Spend Less in Budapest

Tips to Spend Less in Budapest

While relaxing in the Hungarian capital will not hit your travel budget, yet it is useful to know how you can spend your time in Budapest for free. Here are some options to have a nice time in Budapest.

1. See the city from a height
Budapest is undoubtedly beautiful with a closer look, but to admire the views of this wonderful city completely, it is recommended to climb the Mount Gellert. Views of Budapest from the height of 140 meters will impress even the most discerning lovers of the observational decks. The hilly Buda, trading Pest, and, of course, the majestic Danube, which flows to the horizon, will amaze even the most demanding tourists.

2. Take a walk in the park
If you are tired of noisy Budapest and want to rest, go to the Central Park Városliget, which is the largest nature reserve of the capital. Here you can find the small lake with a Vajdahunyad Castle on its shore, walkways, alleys and quiet with shady benches. By the way, do not forget to look for an interesting monument “Time Clock”, when you’re in the park. It is the world’s largest hourglass, which was built in honor of the entry of Hungary into the European Union. Every December 31 they are turning. It symbolizes the beginning of a new year.

3. Join a free guided tour
Without a doubt, a guided tour is the best way to see the city from the inside, as you will not read so much interesting information in a guidebook that the local guides can tell. There are four types of tours: classic, afternoon, a trip to the communist places and walk through the Jewish quarter.

Each tour includes a brief history, the opportunity to hear the opinion of the Hungarians about certain historical events, interesting company, and relaxed atmosphere. If you are ready to explore the city, go to Vörösmarty Square, where free tours start. All the detailed information about the stages, time of a tour, and routes is placed on the organizers’ websites.

4. Visit museums for free
Budapest differs from other European capitals because not so many museums are ready to admit you to their treasures for free. However, there are some loopholes that can help to penetrate into the world of beauty for free.

As a rule, the entrance to almost all the museums of Budapest is free during the Hungarian national holidays: March 15, August 20, and October 23. The Ethnographic Museum (Néprajzi Múzeum) does not charge an entrance fee also on these dates: January 22, March 5 and 15, May 18, August 20, September 20-21, and October 23.

5. Arrange a romantic walk
Budapest is called the capital of bridges. So many of them decorate the banks of the Danube. While you are in the Hungarian capital, it is highly recommended to arrange a bridge tour, especially in the evening. You can start with the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, which was the first bridge that linked Buda and Pest together. In the evening the bridge is particularly impressive with the illumination lights.

Another bridge is Elisabeth (Erzsebet) Bridge, which was built at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. Today, this bridge is decorated with original lighting, and on public holidays it is even illuminated by the colors of the national flag.

But the most unusual bridge of Budapest is Margaret, the second oldest bridge in the city. It is very unusual because the bridge consists of three spans, two of them are linked over the cape of the island with the same name at an angle of 150 degrees, and the third span leads directly to the island, making it accessible for walking and recreation of the citizens.

Enjoy your trip!

The Coolest Journeys by Train

The Coolest Journeys by Train

The trip by train is unlikely to be the most popular way to travel. Trains are not as fast as airplanes, not so romantic as cruise ships, and not as comfortable as cars. However, in the world, there are rail routes, which every traveler dreams to have a ride. In this article, we will tell you about the best of them.

Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer was formed in Canada in 1990 and since that time it has became the largest company providing rail excursions. During the trip, which lasts seven days, tourists are offered excellent breakfast and lunch in the dining coach, as well as the infinite number of luxurious impressions of the Canadian Rockies landscapes.

Glacier Express
The creators of this route are proud to say that the Glacier Express is the slowest express train in the world. And for sure, the speed is quite inappropriate here. The route of this luxury train with panoramic windows goes through the most beautiful places in mountainous Switzerland. On its path, the train crosses 291 bridges and passes through 91 tunnels. Overall, the trip takes about 8 hours. Travelers have a possibility to pass only part of the route. In this case, the journey will take significantly less time, but there is a quite big chance to miss a very beautiful part of the route.

Hiram Bingham Orient Express
This is a unique train journey in Peru that you will remember for a lifetime. Hiram Bingham Orient Express has two dining coaches, panoramic coach, a bar coach and a coach with a kitchen. But most likely, you will not remember about any of them, because the surrounding landscape will not allow you to go away from the window even for a moment. The route begins in the sacred valley of the Incas, goes up to the majestic Andes and ends at Machu Picchu – the mysterious ancient Inca capital.

Royal Scotsman
Scotland is rarely mentioned in the list of the most beautiful places on our planet, but it should be. Train excursion by the Royal Scotsman train will show you the grandeur of this ancient land. The route passes through the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by picturesque mountains and clear lakes. During the stops, passengers can visit the historic castles, learn the secrets of the famous whisky production and even participate in sports shooting.

Talyllyn Railway
This railway is famous at least for the fact that it is the first narrow-gauge line in Britain, which has received the official authorization for passenger transportation in 1865. The excursion begins in the small seaside town Tywyn, passes through beautiful mountain landscapes of the National Park and finishes at “Aberginoluin” station. The length of the route is only about 12 kilometers, so it's a great way to spend a weekend with your family.

Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway route in the world. Independent travelers, who are not afraid of dangers and inconveniences, can buy a regular ticket and travel by train across Eurasia. And if you prefer safety and comfort, you should contact one of the many companies that organize tours along the Trans-Siberian, including visits to the lake, the Great Wall of China, the Mongolian nomadic settlements and the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Rovos Rail
Rovos Rail is the comfortable structure that looks like an old train of Queen Victoria, but at the same time, it has the most modern amenities. Low speed allows you to enjoy the fabulous landscapes throughout the route, which runs along the scenic southern coast of South Africa. It is a great way to experience the atmosphere of rail travel of the 1930s and see antelopes, giraffes and buffalo grazing in the savannas of Kruger National Park.

As you can see, train journeys may be no less exciting than plane or car trips. So, choose the closest route and have a nice journey!

5 Countries With the Lowest Number of Tourists

5 Countries With the Lowest Number of Tourists

Most tourist destinations are no longer surprising. Social network feeds are filled with photos of friends, who visited Italy, Spain, and Paris. If your travel goal is to be a pioneer, then pay attention to these five countries that, according to statistics from the World Tourism Organization, are attended by only a few thousand visitors a year.

Tuvalu is visited by less than a thousand tourists a year. That may seem strange, because here, you can listen to the ocean and the beach is located within a walking distance. Actually, here everything is located within a walking distance: the total area of the island is just 26 square kilometers. And its area decreases every year: Tuvalu is gradually disappearing under the water. The highest point on the islands does not exceed 5 meters above the sea level. Tuvalu is exposed to the negative effects of tropical cyclones, which are often destructive. However, the main thing that hinders travelers is a low level of service, not developed hotel infrastructure and the high cost of the flight. But, if you are looking for a place with no tourists – Tuvalu is one of the best options.

The population of Kiribati is slightly more than 100 thousand people. No more than 5 thousand tourists visit it yearly. The reasons for such small number of travelers are bad air connections and the lack of developed hotel businesses. Although a beach vacation, fishing, and scuba diving are excellent here! A trip to Kiribati can be formally considered as time travel, since, you are flying from Christmas Island on Tuesday morning, you arrive at Cassidi International Airport on Wednesday, although the trip will take just three hours.

Montserrat is visited by 10 thousand tourists a year, and the population of the island is about two times less. This paradise island in the Caribbean Sea has been quite attractive for tourists until the end of the last century when the volcano Soufrière Hills awoke. Today, the administrative center of Plymouth is abandoned since the eruption almost destroyed him. The landscape would perfectly suit for the filming of the Moon, but you will have to get a permission to visit the city from the local police.
Those, who are not afraid of the next eruption, can see the magnificent views, try diving and boat trips. Unfortunately, getting there requires a lot of patience and money.

Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe – is a small island country in Africa and the smallest Portuguese-speaking country in the world. It has a tropical climate, and, therefore, malaria, fever, and tetanus. But brave travelers claim that some precautions like bottled water and chemical treatment of fruit could ensure a safe stay in the country. Moreover, the service is excellent here. You can relax from the hustle and bustle. The most convenient flight from Lisbon takes only six hours.

On the one hand, a vacation on the Comoros can be very exotic with endemic animals, which you will not find anywhere else in the world, the active volcano, white coast and coral reefs. On the other hand, it is one of the most convenient places to stay from this list. Hospitality is quite developed here. Popular hotel reservation websites offer about 100 accommodations for rent. The Comoros can be reached via Dubai or Paris, and in the summer, there are tours.

As you can see, there are many great places to visit around the world, where you don’t need to search for quiet and comfortable places to relax. When planning your next trip, think of one of these countries from the list and your vacation will be full of emotions.

Thai Food: What to Eat and How Much It Costs

Thai Food: What to Eat and How Much It Costs

A person can live for 10-15 minutes without air, 5-7 days without water and without food – about a month. In Thailand, you will not want to live without Thai food for another day!

Thai cuisine is the best thing that was created by the Thais. In the world, it has become a worthy competitor to the Italian cuisine. Quick, spicy and only fresh products – it’s all about Thai cuisine. Most of the dishes are cooked in a wok – a large frying pan with a deep bottom. The cooking process usually does not take more than 10-15 minutes.

The basis of all dishes – rice or rice noodles, vegetables, and the most important – pasta and sauces that make food to get the incomparable “Thai” flavor. Once you are in Thailand, you should taste at least one of these dishes.

Pad Thai is probably the most famous Thai dish, which consists of rice noodles with egg and several sauces (fish, oyster, tamarind) fried in a wok, and different fillings (the most common is chicken, seafood or pork). At the markets and cafes for locals, it costs 40 baht, and you will have to pay 70-100 baht for Pad Thai in restaurants.
Tom Yam Kung is a spicy Thai soup with shrimp. The average price in restaurants is 70 baht.
Green curry with chicken is served in a deep dish and looks almost like a soup (gravy and lots of chicken with vegetables floating deep in it). It costs 30 baht at the markets, and 70-150 baht in restaurants.
Stir-fried – is a Chinese technique of cooking dishes such as vegetables and / or meat (chicken, pork, seafood) in a wok. They are fried with constant stirring in a special sweet sauce. In Thailand, travelers can taste them for 40 baht is cafes and for 70-150 baht in restaurants.
Fish & Seafood. There is a huge variety of seafood: calamari, oysters, clams, and many others. Tourist can taste it in restaurants. A whole grilled fish will cost starting from 250 baht, an oyster – 40-60 baht per piece, a plate of mussels – 100 baht, fried squid with vegetables – 80 baht.

There is one axiom about the food that you need to remember if you are going to Thailand. The most delicious and authentic dishes you will try in cheap cafes for local. It is also possible to taste some dishes at the markets. There are daytime markets, where you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, spices, and night markets that begin working at sunset. Here you need to taste everything – chicken and pork kebabs – 10 baht per skewer, grill calamari – 20 baht per piece, grilled fish – 40 baht per piece, tempura shrimps with sweet and sour sauce – 50 baht per 6 pieces, fried spring rolls – 10 baht per piece, sweet rice, coconut and even peas and fried onions for 10 baht per piece.

It is possible to talk about Thai food endlessly, as well as enjoy it, discovering new and new flavors. Although in fact, fruits have nothing to do with the cuisine, the list would be incomplete without them because fruits are also worth trying. Mango is the king among Thai fruits and it costs around 30-80 baht per kilogram depending on the season. Papaya costs 35 baht per kilogram.
Coconut is the main drink of the island. It costs 20 baht at the market and up to 50 baht – in restaurants. The list can be continued by rambutans, lychee, mangosteen, mandarins, and durian, which you can taste only in South-East Asia or South America.

The Most Bizarre Festivals in Europe

The Most Bizarre Festivals in Europe

Europe has brought a lot to this world: culture, food, and drinks. But moreover, it presented people the most unusual festivals on the Earth. These holidays are so unpredictable and diverse that everyone can find something fun for himself or herself. These are the most bizarre festivals in Europe, which you can visit during your vacation.

Bog snorkelling Championship, the United Kingdom
Today, bog snorkelling is a popular international event, which gathers hundreds of participants from all over the world. This event takes place in late August in the city of Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. The competition requires swimming in the two ditches filled with water and connected by a peat bog. According to the rules, participants should not use the usual swimming styles, but have to put on fins, and mask.

Yorkshire pudding boat race, the United Kingdom
Boats are really made of pudding (flour, water, and eggs). However, they are covered with a special water-resistant varnish. These shaky boats are managed by kids with oars. The event is held in early June in the small town of Braubach, North Yorkshire.

Pumpkin Festival, Germany
If you ever dreamed of rafting on the pumpkin, then you should visit Ludwigsburg in Germany in the autumn. In total, about 400 thousand pumpkins are involved in the festival. People make various statues on a given subject with these pumpkins. But, if the exhibition is not enough, you can take part in boat races, where giant pumpkin is used instead of floating equipment. These pumpkins can weigh up to 300 kilograms!

La Tomatina, Spain
This is one of the most famous unusual festivals in the world and one of the craziest parties. Food battle takes place in the small town of Buñol next to Valencia on the last Wednesday of August. Participants gather on the central square at 11 A.M. and the Palo Jamon game begins. The goal is to climb to the top of a pillar that is smeared with soap and two-stories high, and reset the down the pork leg, which is fastened at the top. As soon as someone succeeds, tomatoes are unloaded from the trucks and the real fight begins. The chaos lasts for exactly one hour, and then a few more days the streets of the city are washed from tomatoes.

El Kolachev Festival, Spain
Another unusual ritual was born in Spain, more precisely, in the town of Castillo de Murcia. One man, a local resident, receives the dubious honor to change to the devil costume, go out and jump over rows of babies that have been laid out on the road in advance. It all began in 1620 at the Catholic Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. The ritual is designed to protect newborns from disease, the evil eye, and evil spirits.

Transfer wives Championship, Finland
To win the competition, that takes place in Sonkajärvi, a man needs to bring his wife to the finish line quicker than others. There are a lot of obstacles on the route that must be overcome. There is even a swimming pool. The task is complicated by the fact that only a few ways are allowed to carry wives. The winner gets the beer that equals to the weight of his wife.

Orange Battle, Italy
On this festival, people of the small town of Ivrea dress up in medieval costumes and playing the ancient battle. However, only oranges may be used as a weapon. According to the legend, this festival symbolizes the revolt of the city inhabitants against the cruel tyrant. People that are throwing oranges from carts – is the guard of this tyrant, and the others – the rebellious citizens.

Have you ever thought that your vacation in Europe can be such crazy? It is highly recommended to find the time and visit one of these festivals.

Survival Tips During Long Bus Journeys

Survival Tips During Long Bus Journeys

Beginning travelers might seem that the bus is the perfect transport. You are moving  to a place you need while admiring the views from the window, and if you want, you can even take a nap. Sounds just like a fairy tale! But in fact, a long bus trip can be more difficult and tiring than conquering the mountain peaks. Here are some tips for you to prepare for the journey and have only pleasant memories of it.

Choose the first class
In many countries, a few transport companies are working on the same route. Their prices can vary significantly. But how these savings are achieved? Maybe due to bald tires, no air conditioning and there is only one driver who will take you through the night? Or maybe, your bus will stop in each village and pick up everyone? In any case, you need to think about whether saving a few dollars will bring you peace of  mind and security. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet you can read some reviews about the transportation company and only after that make a decision to buy tickets or to look for another option.

Before boarding a bus put all of your valuable things in a small bag or backpack and do not leave it even for a minute. Take it with you at the bus stops. While driving you can keep it on your lap or put it on the floor and step on the belt. In this case, nothing happens with it even while you sleep. As for the large baggage, it is recommended to mark it with a bright sign, so that you can find it fast and easily.

Place Selection
Not all of the bus seats are the same. From a security perspective, it is always better to choose a seat in the middle.

  • Near the window or aisle? Many people choose a place near the window to view the beautiful landscapes. However, at night, you won’t see any beauty, so all the advantages of a place near the window may be irrelevant. But, choosing an aisle seat you’l have more space and can even stretch your legs.
  • Front or back? Remember that the rear seats cannot be fold-flat. If you choose a seat in the front, you’ll have to squint all the way from the headlights of oncoming cars. So, in this case, the middle is the perfect decision.

Necessary things
While driving you will be sealed in a rather small space of your seat, so you should take care that everything you need is near you. Here is a short list of things that you should have, while traveling by bus:

  • A small handbag or purse with the most valuable things such as documents, money, tickets, cards, cell phone and so on;
  • A backpack or bag with the things that you may find useful;
  • Items for sleep: earplugs, a light-shielding mask, blanket or jacket, inflatable pillow;
  • Entertainment: a book, player, or tablet;
  • Medication, which can be useful when you have motion sickness, or that were prescribed by your doctor;
  • Water and a small snack: nuts, energy bars, and candies. Always take a bottle of water on the bus, even if you know that it should be there.

At the bus stop
If you want to get out and stretch your legs, then be sure to check the stop duration with the driver. Note the number of the bus and the place where it stands. Moreover, it is better not to go too far from the bus stop, especially at night, as it can be located in dangerous districts of the cities.

Thus, these simple rules will help to make your bus journey pleasant and the time will run faster.

10 Paradise Islands Where You Can Spend the Next Winter

10 Paradise Islands Where You Can Spend the Next Winter

If you have not decided where to spend the next winter, this article is for you. The largest tourist service TripAdvisor, based on actual reviews, created a rating of the best islands in the world. So, here is the overview of places with the cleanest beaches and most gentle sea.

1. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands is the state that consists of 30 islands near the Bahamas. This is the former British colony. Providenciales, or Provo, is one of the largest islands in the archipelago and a tourist center of the country. Clear coastal waters, white beaches, mango bushes and developed infrastructure – this is all about Provo. Here, you can have a vacation all year round. Moreover, Provo beaches are considered the best in the Caribbean, and Grace Bay is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

2. Maui, USA

Maui was formed by two volcanoes: lava flows ware merged and created a picturesque valley. There are about 60 kilometers of beaches on Maui. Kaanapali and Wailea are two main resort areas. The most densely populated area of the island is Kahului. Those, who are searching for local attractions, should visit Lahaina and Hana with an amazing beach and atmospheric ranch.

3. Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is a wonderful island with sandy beaches, picturesque green hills, and turquoise waters. It is a part of the archipelago Islas de la Bahia. The coastline of the island stretches for 1254 kilometers. The most comfortable beaches are located to the west – West Bay.

4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a range of five small islands and about two dozen of small rock, which form a ring around a central lagoon. Santorini has unique beaches with black and red sand. It is better to visit Santorini in the summer when air and water temperature reaches a maximum. This does not mean that the island is not suitable for winter holidays. Winters are mild here, and the thermometer rarely goes below +10°C.

5. Tau, Thailand

Tau is located to the south of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. Tau is a godsend for diving lovers. More than 300 sunny days per year (high season is from December to March) and clear water are doing their job. On Tau, the number of tourists is lower compared to Samui and Phuket, but the infrastructure is less developed. Overall, there are 6 beaches, among which Sairee is the biggest one.

6. Madeira, Portugal

The archipelago of Madeira located a thousand kilometers to the southwest of Portugal is composed of two settlements and a number of uninhabited islands. The mild climate and the warm Gulf Stream allow vacation all year round. It is called the island of eternal spring. There are no magnificent beaches, but lots of picturesque landscapes and the special atmosphere of relaxation fully compensate it.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the largest island of the Indonesian archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean. For many travelers, Bali doesn't need the introduction. Here, the main water sports – surfing. Bali is famous for its waves. This island is very often called the earthly paradise. Lying on the white sand, swimming between corals, looking for hidden ancient temples in the jungle… Isn't it paradise?

8. Mauritius

Mauritius is the short name of the island state in the Indian Ocean. Besides the main and largest island – Mauritius, the republic includes several smaller islands. Summer never ends here. The water temperate is always around +27°C. Mauritius beaches are fringed by coral reefs (welcome divers), and the beaches are among the cleanest in the world.

9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a coral island in the Pacific Ocean near Tahiti. It is considered one of the most romantic places on the planet. That's all because of the nacreous lagoons, crystal beaches, sprawling palm trees and garlands of beautiful tiara flowers. The island is ideal for a relaxing beach holiday when you sunbathe and swim the most of the day.

10. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 354 kilometers away from the east coast of Brazil. It consists of 21 islands and rock rests. The island has a developed infrastructure and welcomes tourists all year round.

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